Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Code: ΜΕΑ_ΜΕ4



Atomic structure of materials, Structure of metallic materials: Crystal structure, structure imperfections, microstructure hardening mechanisms; Structure of composite materials: Definition, Components, Architecture, Special Mechanical Properties; Mechanical behavior: Definition and basic theories, Mechanical behavior of metallic materials under uniaxial pseudo static loading conditions: Tensional testing, deformations coupling testing, maximum load conditions; Mechanical behavior of composite materials under pseudo static loading conditions: Micro-mechanical and Macro-mechanical analysis of the elastic behavior of the layer, Strength of the layer; Mechanical behavior of metallic materials under fatigue loading: Fixed range fatigue, Oligocyclic fatigue loading, Fatigue crack propagation, Fatigue life Calculations, Mechanical behavior of composite materials under fatigue loads: Mechanisms of fatigue failure in composite materials, Fatigue failure functions, Life expectancy using S-N curves, Fatigue failure correlation with mechanical properties; Numerical modeling of mechanical behavior of composite materials, Mechanical behavior of metallic materials at high temperatures (creep): Creep behavior of materials and structural elements, Oxidation and corrosion: Corrosion mechanisms, Methods of protection, Corrosion and mechanical load interaction, Mechanical behavior of corroded materials and structures.



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