Mission of the Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials (LTSM) is the education of undergraduate and post-graduate students on materials and structures, as well as conducting fundamental and applied research on the above fields. The courses offered by the Laboratory cover the areas of science and technology of materials, mechanical behavior of materials, strength of materials and structures, fracture mechanics, structural analysis and structural integrity. In  master level, Laboratory offers the opportunity of conducting high standard doctorate thesies on scientific and technological state-of-the-art fields.

Concerning research, LTSM performs high quality research on development and characterization of materials, strength evaluation of structural components, as well as analysis and design of aeronautical structures. LTSM participates in a big number of national and European competitive research programs, mostly related to aeronautics. Expertise reclaims through continuous updating of curriculum and is disseminated through international conferences organized be the Laboratory, articles written for the most valid international journals, and presentation of scientific tasks in national scientific conferences. With reference to both education and research, LTSM has developed strong links with all leading Universities and aeronautics research centers in Greece and abroad, as well as all major aerospace and aircraft industries worldwide.

Referring to the sector of industrial services, LTSM affords equipment, human resources and long experience in mechanical testing, structural integrity mechanical behavior of materials and structures, structural analysis.