Material mechanical behaviour and certification


Testing of metallic materials, composites, concrete, stones, etc, concern both the certification of the mechanical and technological properties of materials and the examination of their suitability for specific applications. This category includes a series of tests included in the attached document.

These specific tests are performed using international established standards, and machinery or equipment which also fulfills the internationally defined standards. The reliability and precision of the machinery and the measuring equipment is routinely examined by authorized bodies. In the attached catalogue, the specifications for each service provided by the laboratory are listed. The standards/specifications used by the laboratory are:

DIN = Deutsche industrie Normen
ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials

The experimental tests for both the certification of mechanical properties and the validation of a material for a specific application, concern:

  • Static behavior
  • Dynamic behavior
  • Mechanical behavior at high temperatures
  • Mechanical behavior under the influence of a corrosive environment

The laboratory experience expands to the following scientific areas:

  • Material behavior under static, quasistatic,dynamic and impact loads in both, laboratory environments and operational conditions of the structure (e.g. high temperatures, corrosive environment, complexity of geometry and loads).
  • Development of structural mechanical models and equations of state for describing the mechanical behavior of materials.
  • Determination of the technological material properties.
  • Effect of the production and welding procedures of structural components to the technological material properties and the structural mechanical behavior (e.g. properties degradation due to thermal treatments, distortion problems due to welding, etc.)

This experience ensures the ability to provide standardized and specialized services to the above areas of technology as well as services related to the characterization and selection of materials, the failure analysis, the heat treatments of metallic materials, the evaluation, monitoring and protection against corrosion, etc.