RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)

Available News Channels

What is RSS?

RSS is an alternative way to be informed of the facts. Now all the information that you interested in comes to your computer without visiting each time the relative websites.

RSS allows you to be informed when the content of websites of your interest was renewed. You can have the titles of last news and articles that you wish to your computer (or even pictures or video) as soon as these become available.

How can I use RSS?

In order to use RSS you have to choose an RSS reader. This program is a special software in which you add RSS pages that you are interested in and the program checks this pages and informs you for any news. When you have selected the program (you see below), you have to decide which content you want to receive.

Some browsers as Firefox, Opera and Safari, check automatically the pages you visit for RSS and they present a relative image when they find relative content making more simple the registration process in RSS of each website. For more details visit their websites.

Where can I get an RSS reader?

There are many available programs to the Internet from which you can choose which suits you best. Be careful to choose the right program which is functional to your computer. Some of the programs are:


Active Web Reader Windows
The Big Feed Windows
FeedExplorer Windows
FeedReader Windows
BottomFeeder Windows
NewsReader Mac


FeedDemon Windows
Briz RSS reader Windows
NovoBot Windows
NewsFan Mac



Can I use the RSS service of mead to my own website?

No. The RSS feeds service is provided free for strict personal not commercial use. Mead have the right to stop providing this service for any reason without warning.