Strength of Materials II


Code: ΜΕΑ_223


Beam bending: Stress analysis, Skew loading, Secondary moments of inertia, principal axes, deflection line, Double integration method, Curvature surfaces method, Castigliano method, Mohr method, Applications to statically indeterminate problems. Shear stresses, shear center, the influence of shear stresses in bending. Beam torsion, thin-walled sections torsion - Prandtl's membrane analogy. Stress analysis of beams under complex loading. Stability problems, Buckling of thin beams, Euler's theory limitations, effect of boundary conditions, design criteria using critical buckling load.
Laboratory exercises: Bending test, Bending-torsion experiment, Torsion test, Fatigue test, Fracture surfaces phenomena.