Kermanidis Theodoros

Rank: Emeritus Professor
+30 2610 997211
+30 2610 997190

Curriculum Vitae

Place and Date of Birth: Komnina Xanthis, Greece, 20.02.1940
Nationality: Greek
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Corrent Professional Status: Emeritus Professor at University of Patras
Laboratory of Technology & Strength of Materials
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
School of Engineering
University of Patras
26500 Patras, Greece
Phone number : +2610-969-498
Fax number : +2610-997-190
E-mail :
1965 Dipl-Ing in Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany
1983 Dr.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, RWTH Aachen, W. Germany.
Dissertation : Ein Integralgleichungsverfahren zur Loesung des Torsionsproblems des Umdrehungskoerpers (An Integral Equation Method for the Solution of the Torsion Problems of the Bodies of Revolution)
Languages : English, German

Geselschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanic (GAMM-W. Germany), Technical Chamber of Greece, Pan-Hellenic Society of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Hellenic, Metallurgical Society (Founding member), Hellenic Society of Fracture Mechanics (Founding member), Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Metallkunde (D.G.M.), American Society of Materials, International Society of Mesomechanics (member of the International Executive Secretary), European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS).

4/1965 - 3/1975 Research Assistant, Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, RWTH Aachen, W. Germany
10/1972-2/1975 Lecturer at the Fachchochschule Aachen, W. Germany
4/1975-7/1975 Lecturer in Applied Mechanics at the Eng. School, Demokretion University of Thrace, Greece.
7/1975-9/1975 Research Assistant, Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, RWTH Aachen, W.Germany.
10/1975-9/2006 Professor of Technology and Strength of Materials, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece.
9/1982-8/1984 Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras
10/1984-9/1985 Professor at RWTH Aachen, W. Germany (Sabbatical year)
9/1988-8/1991 Dean of School of Engineering, University of Patras

At RWTH Aachen:
  • Introductory Mechanics (Statics, Strength of Materials, Dynamics)
  • Theory of Elasticity (Graduate course)
At the Fachchoschule in Aachen, Mechanical Engineering Division:
  • Statics (Undergraduate course)
  • Strength of Materials (Undergraduate course)
  • Dynamics (Undergraduate course)
At the University of Thrace, Civil Engineering Department:
  • Statics and Dynamics At the University of Patras: (view end of page)

  1. Research Interests: Stress Analysis and Material Science. In particular:
    • Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Aeronautical Constructions, Fracture Mechanics, Mechanical Behaviour and Lifetime Prediction, Advanced Materials
  2. Research Activities :
    • Participation in more than 50 European and 15 National Projects (BRITE, EURAM, Aeronautics, EPET, PAVE, PENED etc.), in most of them as scientific responsible of the Greek side.
    • Some of them, recent or in progress, are:
      • Crashworthiness of Aircraft for High Velocity Impact (CRAHVI)
      • Economical and Safe Design of Pressure Vessels applying new modern Steels (ECOPRESS)
      • European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN)
      • Advanced Design Concepts and Maintenance by Integrated Risk Evaluation for Aerostructures (ADMIRE), (EC, GROWTH)
      • Technology Application to the Near Term Business Goals and Objectives of the Aerospace Industry (TANGO), (EC, GROWTH)
      • Investigation on Damage Tolerance Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys (IDA), (EC, GROWTH)
      • Improve and Assess Repair Capability of Aircraft Structures (IARCAS), (EC, GROWTH)]
      • Bolted Joints on Composite Aircraft Structures (BOJCAS) (GROWTH-GRD1-10216)
      • Integrated design environment for simulation and numerical analysis of production processes (D-SIGN’ BRITE / AERONAUTICS)
      • Efficient Design And Verification of Composite Structures (EDAVCOS) (BRITE / AERONAUTICS)
      • Design for Crash Survivability (CRASURV) (BRITE/AERONAUTICS)
      • Structural Maintenance of Aging Aircraft (SMAAC)(BRITE/AERONAUTICS)
      • Process Integrated Cost Analysis Tool (PICANT) (BRITE/EURAM)
      • Crashworthiness for commercial aircraft (CRASH) (BRITE / AERONAUTICS)
      • Advanced Aluminium precision Casting for integrally stiffened components (ADVACAST)
      • Stress and Stability Analysis of Thin Plates of Fiber Reinforced Composite Material (Bilateral Project with RWTH Aachen)
      • Civil Aircraft Protection Against Ice (CAPRI) (BRITE / AERONAUTICS)
      • Development of Techniques for Processing of Large Organic Sheets (Thermoplastic Pre-pregs, Ribbons and Foils) (BRITE/EURAM)

  • Co-founder of the Institute of Structures and Advanced Materials (ISTRAM) and member of the International Scientific Board of the Institute (1991 - today)
  • Reviewer for a number of international scientific journals. Evaluator of European and National Research Programs (BRITE, EURAM, Aeronautics, EUREKA, PAVE etc.)
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee for a number of International Conferences (Mesomechanics 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, GRACM 2002, ICMEN 2002, ICF 11, ECF16, ICMEN 2005, WCMM 19, etc )

  1. Books
    • Introduction into the Materials Science (Part I and II) (with Prof. Th. Kermanidis), University of Patras Publications, First Edition 1990 (in Greek).
    • Strength of Materials, vol. I, K. Petropoulos Publishing (in Greek)
    • Strength of Materials, vol. II, K. Petropoulos Publishing (in Greek)
    • Fracture mechanics, University of Patras Publications (in Greek)
    • Lightweight structures, University of Patras Publications (in Greek)
    • Experiments in strength of materials, University of Patras Publications (in Greek)
  2. Chapters in Books
    • Th. Kermanidis and G. Labeas,‘Behaviour of composite structures under impact loading’, invited contribution in Failure Analysis of Industrial Composite Materials, p. 363-400, McGraw-Hill, 1999.