Fracture Mechanics & Structural Integrity


Code: ΜΕΑ_ΜΥ13


Fracture phenomena. Linear Mechanics of Fractures – Griffith Theory and Failure Criterion. The concept of stress intensity factors and methods for their determination (Westergard complex functions, numerical methods, experimental methods). Parameters influencing the stress intensity factor – effect of the plastic band. The concept of the critical tension intensity factor. Experimental techniques for determining the critical stress intensity factor. The concept of residual strength. Determination of critical crack length – Determination of critical failure load. Criteria for crack behavior under complex stress conditions and power limits of linear Mechanics of material breakage. Non-linear mechanics of material breakage-the concept of J-integral and the concept of opening of the crack’s lips as failure criteria. Fatigue breakage and prediction models of structural components’ fatigue life, fatigue loading interaction problems, Crack propagation under variable stresses.