Analysis of Steel Structures and Limit State Design


Code: ΜΕΑ_ΜΕ20


· Analysis of determinate and indeterminate structures: Loadings, Determinacy, Stability, Principle of Virtual Work, Equations of Elasticity

· Elastoplastic bearing capacity and plastic analysis of structures: Basic Assumptions, Phases until the full cross-section plasticity, Elastic ad Plastic neutral axis calculation, Development of plastic hinges in beams and frames

· Forces (Loads , Bending) and design criteria: Axial Loads (Tension/Compression), Complex Forces (Bending, Shear, Torsion, Bending  and Shear, Bending and axial loading, Bending and torsion)

· Connections of steel elements: Welded Connections, Bolted Connections, Calculation of Connections’ bearing capacity

· Buckling of steel elements: Lateral-torsional buckling, X-braces in structures, Seismic design of structures

Corrosion and protection of steel elements: Corrosion of steel, types of corrosion, Steel anti-corrosion protection, Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Technology (UIT)