Conference Social Events & Excursion


Date: Wednesday, 20th June

Time: 19:00-22:00

Fee: No additional charge

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our Welcome event at the Antouaniko Mansion, winner of a 2015 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award. Antouaniko Mansion is located in Kambos Chiou, an area with a unique set of valuable buildings and traditional orchards. The restorations in the Antouaniko Mansion, led to the restoration of an exemplary complete historical complex with a unique mixed character that combines residential uses and agricultural production.

Enjoy finger food and beverages while reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and getting to know new faces.


Date: Thursday, 21st June

Time: 20:30

Fee: No additional charge for Conference Participants

€50 per Accompanying Person

On Chios, flavour and taste is a way of communication. Meals are the time when family and friends get together to eat, drink, share, enjoy, and talk. After all, the Greek word “symposium”, a word as ancient as Greece itself, means “drinking in company”. That is why we begin our meals with an ouzo and end them with a mastic liqueur. Take the opportunity to network with your new colleagues from the Conference. Enjoy the entertainment delights that our Greek hosts provide.


As an Accompanying Person, you have the opportunity to take part to the Conference Excursion. The excursion will take place only by a sufficient number of registrations.

Date: Thursday, 21st June

Time: 9:00–17:00*Provisional Time

Ticket Price: €25

Excursion to Mastic Villages / South Chios


Tour of Southern Chios, the so-called Mastihochoria (Mastic villages), where mastic thrives and the only area on the island where the mastic bush is grown. Starting from the town of Chios, the first stop is Pyrgi, the largest of the medieval villages and perhaps the most interesting in terms of folklore and anonymous architecture. Our next stop is the medieval village of Mesta, which is characterized as a preserved monument and is one of the best preserved fortified settlements under Genoese rule. Then we reach the port of Mesta, where we will stop for a break. Our next stop will be Armolia, a village with a tradition in pottery. The excursion ends with visit of Emporios, a picturesque small port with the volcano beach -known as Mavra Volia.